How to Improve the Post-Purchase Experience for Mobile Web

MediaGo Staff | 12/23/2020

Guiding customers through the marketing funnel is no easy task, nor is it expense-free. That’s why it’s good practice to capitalize on your post-sales efforts by fostering customer loyalty, which can help drive repeat transactions in the future.  

As we noted previously, retaining existing customers is 5x cheaper than acquiring new ones, since repeat customers enter in the middle of the marketing funnel and require less effort to close a sale. Additionally, with more people shopping on their mobile devices in recent years, it’s essential to deliver mobile-first experiences to customers, since that’s where they’re already spending their money.

Aside from ensuring that your ecommerce website is properly optimized for mobile devices, there are a few specific actions you can take to nudge your mobile customers to buy from you again and again in the future:

Think about the mobile customer journey

After a customer receives their purchase, put yourself in their shoes. Will they need a manual or a special app to use your product? If so, providing mobile-friendly instructions can be a big step in ensuring a positive first experience. While most instructions come in PDF form, smaller fonts can be difficult to read on a smartphone, which is why it’s always wise to offer a mobile-optimized version of your product instructions. It’s also important that instructions are easy to find on the mobile version of your website. You can even take things a step further by including a personalized QR code with your product to take customers to a personalized landing page (for example, with their product’s serial number already filled out), allowing them to easily access what they need to get started. 

Leverage SMS and push notifications

One of the benefits of smartphones is that consumers tend to have their devices on them 24/7, making it a great way to stay in touch post-purchase. Whether it be through SMS or push notifications from your app, remember to update customers on shipping status, service information, and new promotions – if they opt-in to receiving such info. By staying connected, you ensure that your company remains top-of-mind, while providing excellent customer service. As a caveat, it’s important to tread carefully here, as too many messages could cause your customers to unsubscribe. So we recommend that you save this type of communication for the most important updates only. 

Mobile-friendly native ads

Native ads are generally a high-performing format to drive lead-gen campaigns. They can also be useful for retargeting and keeping customers in your sales cycle as they consider repeat purchases. Since shoppers are now spending more time on their phones, ensure that your natives ads are mobile-friendly with images that are easily viewable on a small screen, and concise ad copy. This will help you quickly recapture the attention of your repeat customers and move them through the marketing funnel once more. 

If you’re interested in exploring how native ads can benefit your business, reach out to the MediaGo team for more info on how to get started.