Important But Overlooked Landing Page Designs

MediaGo Staff | 03/30/2021

In previous posts, we covered different types of landing pages ideal for lead-gen — squeeze pages and lead capture pages. Both play a crucial role in pulling potential consumers deeper into your marketing funnel, increasing your chances of conversions. Now, it’s time to dive deeper and explore additional landing page types, helping you to discover what will work best for your brand.

To ensure we’re all on the same page, let’s quickly define what a “landing page” is — and how it differs from a product page. In a nutshell, marketers and advertisers develop landing pages to serve a specific, singular campaign purpose or goal. Whereas product pages often contain many goals and prompt consumers to visit multiple pages.

With these key differences in mind, let’s explore “thank you” landing pages and 404 landing pages — which are more relevant to conversions than you may think.

Thank You Landing Pages

Similar to sending a “thank you” note after receiving a gift, thank you landing pages create a place for companies to share their gratitude with visitors (or customers) for filling out a form, sharing their info or completing a purchase. In fact, advertisers and marketers often use this type of landing page as a lead-nurturing tool, since it holds the potential to move leads further down the funnel, or even drive repeat purchases. 

Though the exact format may vary, common components of a “thank you” landing page include:

For instance, an Insider Intelligence “thank you” page that appears following a downloadable report contains many of the above listed components.

The positive affirmation and kind tone on “thank you” pages will reinforce brand affinity, and can help with conversions later on.

Source: Insider Intelligence

404 Landing Pages

Ah, yes. The dreaded 404 page. For consumers, it can prove frustrating; however, it no longer needs to be viewed as certain doom for companies. The 404 page offers a unique opportunity for a company to reinforce its brand through images/animations and lighten the mood through witty, creative copy — which encourages consumers to stick around and could eventually translate to more conversions.

Our No. 1 tip: use a human voice when communicating with consumers. As you can see below, Airbnb infused conversational language into its 404 page by using the term “Oops!” You can’t see it here, but the company even animated the character’s ice cream falling out of the cone.

Source: Airbnb

With so many different landing pages to choose from, we know that picking the perfect type can be daunting. However, through this blog, we hope that you feel more informed and ready to select the best landing page to meet your campaign’s goals.