How To: Incorporate Data Into Your Ad Copy

MediaGo Staff | 04/06/2021

Here at MediaGo, we’re no stranger to ad copy. We’ve seen it all, from attention-grabbing news headlines, to promotional offers, to direct call-to-action messaging. When planning ad campaigns, many companies choose to position their product or service as the “number 1” in the market, or decide focus on a few features that they believe differentiate them from the competition. While these approaches aren’t without merit, sometimes it’s best to let the numbers speak for themselves. With that in mind, today we’ll share some of the best ways to incorporate data into your ad copy to improve CTR.

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd if your ad is full of broad claims and vague language. We recommend digging into your data to find something you’re proud to share with customers. For example, if you’re an insurance provider, you can share the average amount of money you help people save on their claims. Or if you work for an enterprise SaaS company, you can highlight the increase in productivity that your product will provide to clients. Simpler still, if you sell a direct-to-consumer product like a sweatshirt, you can list your product’s price directly in the ad copy as a selling point.

However, when highlighting data (or prices) in your ads or landing pages, you should be careful to avoid making false claims. This is especially true for weight-loss devices, supplements, or other health and wellness products. In fact, many publishers have rules regarding the language that can be used to advertise products in the health and wellness vertical – so remember to double check!

Sharing figures is all well and good if you work for an insurance agency – but what if the benefit your product brings to consumers is hard to measure? The benefit of clothes, dishware, exercise devices, video games, and other lifestyle-type products are tough to quantify. So how can you make your ads stand out? The solution is to get creative.

Let’s say you operate a streaming music service. By tapping into your product data, you can advertise that you’ve “saved” people who are stuck in traffic from hundreds of thousands of hours of boredom (or even millions, depending on your product’s subscriber base). The same logic can be applied to many different types of products.

If it’s just too hard to put a number to your product, consider leveraging social proof instead. For example, maybe your sock brand has over 1 million satisfied customers. That’s certainly something to be proud of. If you make a dental health product, try to work with local dentists to get a testimonial for your ads. There are plenty of options for any product vertical; you just need to think creatively.

Are you running a promotion for your product or service? Highlight it in your ad copy! This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes an internal miscommunication between departments can lead to a missed opportunity. Make sure you don’t drop the ball on your next campaign by forgetting to highlight that special BOGO promotion or 20% off deal.

You can also highlight special deals for first-time customers, like discounts on bulk orders, free shipping, etc. Alternatively, if you’re retargeting existing customers to rekindle interest in your product, you can point out your referral program in your ad. When it comes to savings or discounts, always be specific. When customers know that they can save a precise dollar amount or percentage, they’ll be more likely to click your ad.

As with most things in the advertising world, creativity is essential to driving results. No matter how you choose to show off your product’s USP, make sure that the numbers you share are creative, interesting and truthful.