Mortgage Lead-Gen Campaigns: Content & Marketing Strategy

MediaGo Staff | 05/05/2021

Mortgage is a popular vertical for native ad campaigns – and for good reason. Finding a lender is a complex decision with many factors and a significant learning curve. Native ads in the mortgage category often drive traffic to sales pages with a lot of explanatory content to help people familiarize themselves with the entire mortgage process. From this perspective, native ads are a great fit for mortgage brokers. These types of ads are typically called “direct response” or “lead-gen” campaigns.

When it comes to lead-gen strategy, there are a few things that we recommend everyone in the mortgage vertical do. Taken as part of a multi-pronged approach, these techniques will help you stand out from the crowd, command attention from your target audience, and generate more leads.

1. Make your voice heard

Aside from native ad campaigns, a lot of your leads will likely stem from your own connections. Because of this, it’s essential to build a strong brand on social media. Naturally, not everyone you connect with on social media will know you on a personal level, so you should focus on building your image as an expert and a friendly source of solid advice.

If you’re creating original content (and you should), make sure to share it on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms as frequently as possible. Build trust with your prospects on your company’s social pages by engaging in conversation and answering questions. Be friendly, available and knowledgeable, and people will naturally want to work with you.

2. Focus on content

A solid content strategy is important no matter what type of product you’re selling. When it comes to the mortgage industry, you may be targeting a variety of audience segments such as first-time home buyers, in addition to established owners who are looking to expand their real estate portfolio. 

If you’re just starting to build out your content, it might be most efficient to create things that simultaneous meet the needs of many different audiences. This could include broad topics such as mortgage industry trends and general advice. Blog posts and videos are relatively easy formats to get started with if you adopt this technique.

Once you’ve got a handle on your content calendar, we recommend segmenting your content by audience. First-time home buyers will have different concerns than real estate veterans, and your content should reflect that. When people consume your content – be it video, blog, newsletter, or infographic – you want it to resonate with them. This will engender a feeling of trust and understanding, and will help move your leads down the funnel.

3. Be specialized, be an expert

The mortgage industry is highly competitive. In order to stand out, you should first identify your unique selling point, also known as a “USP”. If you are specialized in a particular area, you should highlight it across all of your marketing material, including on native ads, sales pages, social media and owned content like blogs. Find your niche and you’ll find your leads.

If you struggle to identify your USP, don’t worry. You can always set yourself apart with high-quality, curated industry newsletters, a fantastic blog, unique infographics, or informative videos. Thanks to the many promotional platforms online, there’s plenty of room to experiment and grow.