Top 3 Summer 2021 E-Commerce Opportunities

MediaGo Staff | 06/18/2021

Summer is finally here. And in many parts of the US, it brings with it scorching heat and a return to normalcy from the COVID pandemic. More and more people have received both rounds of the vaccine, and more counties and states are beginning to loosen requirements for masks. Over the next few months, we’re bound to see an uptick in public activities and overall consumption. But what does this behavioral shift signify for e-commerce? Here are some of MediaGo’s top recommendations for e-commerce opportunities in the US as we head into the summer of 2021.

With this summer’s record-setting temperatures and the loosening of COVID restrictions, people nationwide will be eager to head to the nearest beach, lake, or pool. And after having been cooped up inside for so long, they’ll likely be eager to treat themselves to a new swimsuit, beach hat, sandals, sunglasses, or any number of water-related accessories. 

Now is the perfect time to run offers for any type of product that could be used at the beach. For example, waterproof Bluetooth speakers could be a winner. Mini beverage coolers may also perform well. And what about beach chairs and umbrellas? Get creative and think about how you can position your products to meet the occasion.

Advertisers in the travel and tourism verticals are poised to do well this summer. People are itching to get out there and have a good time with friends and family, or just see a new place by themselves. 

When it comes to travel and tourism advertisements, the usual suspects are plane flights, hotels, and tickets to local events/experiences. But don’t forget that there are other, tangential e-commerce opportunities. What about travel-related products like neck pillows and suitcases? Or even products in the service industry vertical, like apps to help travelers find local restaurants and massage parlors? Just like our first example above, there are tons of opportunities – you just need to get creative.

This is a broad (and somewhat obvious) category, but we can’t overstate how important it is. Lots of people are suddenly finding themselves in the midst of scorching summer heat, with no way to cool off that doesn’t put a serious dent in their electricity bill.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Many consumers will be more than happy to part with a few dollars in their search to escape the heat. Cheap, impulse-buy products work well in this regard; for example, cooling packs and wearable fans. But more expensive items like AC units can also perform quite well.

In addition, don’t forget the clothes vertical. People who are starting to venture outside in the summer heat will almost certainly want to sport new clothes to match the occasion – especially after being stuck inside for so long. Shorts, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses and exercise clothes are all products that could fare very well.

These are just a few of the key categories we recommend focusing on as you plan your ad strategy for summer 2021. No matter what your product vertical, always remember that creativity can go a long way towards earning those clicks.