Top 4 E-Commerce Product Categories for Fourth of July

MediaGo Staff | 06/29/2021

Independence Day, also called “Fourth of July,” marks the anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence from British rule. Not only is the holiday culturally significant, but it also offers a chance for family and friends to get together for good food and good company. And like most holidays, Independence Day is a huge driver of consumer spending.

Just like Fourth of July from years past, you can expect American shoppers to buy a lot of food and drinks this year. Food and beverage spend has hovered at around $7B USD over the past few years, and there’s no reason to expect that it will trend downward in 2021 – especially as the nation begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. But aside from good eats, what are some other product verticals that will sell well during Independence Day? This blog post attempts to tackle that question.

As a generally patriotic holiday, Fourth of July tends to see a surge in demand for American flag-themed items. These types of products can be divided into a few key verticals:


This includes banners, tablecloths,  streamers, balloons, and of course, American flags of all sizes. 


This is a big category, and a great area for advertisers to look into. These days, it’s easier and faster than ever to manufacture custom apparel, and almost all types of clothing fit the bill. American flag hats, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, bandanas and more will all be in demand during Independence Day. Affiliates should keep an eye out for offers that feature these types of items.


Accessories might be even bigger than the Clothing category, simply due to the pure breadth of items covered. Anything from lighters to thermoses, from mugs to flasks, from bumper stickers to kazoos, from beer koozies to picnic blankets, would fall into this category. For e-commerce affiliate advertisers, Fourth of July is truly a great opportunity.

“Made in America”:

As America’s foremost patriotic holiday, Independence Day is a celebration of everything that makes the United States special. Lots of Americans choose to show their love for their country by purchasing domestic products. The “Made in America” label thus adds a lot of credence to any product. If your creative proudly declares “Made in America”, it will definitely have emotional resonance with potential shoppers – and we all know that sales are largely driven by emotions, not hard logic.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it helps structure your focus for the upcoming holiday. As always, remember to check back in on the MediaGo blog for more advice on everything related to digital advertising.