MediaGo Announces Full Deep Learning Capability For The Entire Marketing Chain

MediaGo Staff | 06/21/2023

Leveraging Baidu’s leading AI technology, MediaGo is now one of the few advertising platforms in the open web market to offer this complete enhanced capability

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2023 — MediaGo, a leading global AI-integrated marketing platform from Baidu’s Global Business Unit, announced today its latest technology update – becoming one of the few advertising platforms in the open web market to fully apply deep learning technology to the entire marketing chain, including traffic anti-fraud, traffic quality prediction, ad click rate prediction, Smart Bid ad conversion rate prediction, user intent prediction and dynamic creative generation – to ensure campaigns yield better results and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Leveraging Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its deep learning framework, MediaGo has effectively applied its discriminative and generative AI in ad placement scenarios to easily process large volumes of data.

MediaGo’s enhanced capability automatically adjusts the delivery mode, ad delivery strategy and algorithm optimization, based on different scenarios and changes in data – ensuring that campaigns yield a higher ROI. Likewise, it also can accurately predict user behavior by analyzing both historical and real-time data, enabling highly precise, efficient advertising.

“Complex traffic composition and erratic delivery have plagued the open web marketplace, making it difficult for advertisers to achieve placement goals using traditional means,” said Elaine Hu, Head of U.S. Strategy and Partnership at Baidu’s Global Business Unit. “MediaGo’s AI deep learning technology automatically optimizes the ad delivery strategies – enabling highly precise and efficient advertising effectiveness.”

“Since launching, MediaGo campaigns have generated conversions at a 35% lower cost per action (CPA) than MVF’s average, resulting in a significant return on advertising spend increase compared to other digital channels,” said Calum McAuley, Native Advertising Manager of MVF, a leading U.K. customer generation platform.MediaGo receives up to 1 billion daily traffic streams and has accumulated vast amounts of ad placement data from its 10,000+ partnerships with media sources including MSN, Xandr, and Verizon.