MediaGo Platform Client Case Study —— MVF

MediaGo Staff | 07/25/2023

MVF’s mission is to transform the way businesses discover new customers. Founded in 2009, MVF is a leading customer generation platform that connects ambitious businesses with high volumes of ready-to-buy customers. MVF is home to some of the best-known and most-trusted digital brands in Europe, including The Eco Experts and Hear Clear, that help thousands of customers navigate complex buying decisions every day.

MediaGo helps MVF generate 450 million impressions and 36,000 conversions at a 35% lower CPA than average

In September 2022 alone, MVF and MediaGo launched 20 native ad campaigns across 14 verticals, including solar panels in the United Kingdom and hearing aids in Canada.

Looking at the first four months of the partnership, over 139 total unique campaigns were launched, generating over 450 million impressions and 30,000 conversions.

MediaGo’s global inventory, which spans 11 countries meant that MVF could capitalize on top-tier MSN traffic in key territories and reach new customers, helping to drive rapid scale and impressive results for its clients.

Since launching, MediaGo campaigns have generated over 36,000 conversions at a 35% lower CPA than MVF’s average, resulting in a significant return on advertising spend increase compared to other digital channels.

MediaGo has been particularly successful in the United Kingdom, where the average CPA is 36% lower than other marketing channels, thanks to high-visibility advertiser placements. In particular, MVF’s solar panel campaign in the UK, which runs on MVF’s flagship eco-brand, The Eco Experts, has seen a 56% reduction in CPA vs. the average and generated over 10K conversions since launching in September 2022.

This was achieved by launching six individual campaigns, split by OS system, browser and device. All campaigns used eye-catching thumbnails and headlines to boost campaign clickthrough rate (CTR), helping to drive a 53% improvement in clickthrough rate (CTR) on desktop compared to other advertising platforms.

Campaigns also benefited from the clever use of day parting functionality to set unique cost-per-click (CPC) bids to drive more volume in the morning, when demand is highest for MVF’s clients.

MediaGo’s premium placements have helped to increase quality for MVF’s clients, including delivering a 5% increase in contact rate for MVF’s solar panel clients in the UK.

“MediaGo’s global inventory, spanning eleven countries in total, meant that MVF could capitalise on top-tier MSN traffic in key territories and reach new customers, helping to drive rapid scale and impressive results for its clients.”

——Calum McAuley, Native Advertising Manager, MVF

MediaGo’s Expert Account Management Team Use Clever, Data-Driven Insights to Launch 30+ MVF Categories

Since launching their partnership in September 2022, MediaGo and MVF have launched 139 total campaigns, and MediaGo’s clever, data-driven insights have helped to transform MVF’s native ad performance.

The account management team has worked tirelessly with MVF’s native ad team to deliver impressive results against target CPA and volume goals, as well as being quick to pinpoint opportunities to increase scale and profitability for MVF.

MVF’s partnership with Baidu has been incredibly successful so far, with MediaGo now firmly established as a key channel for MVF’s future growth plans.

Moving forward, MVF plans to further grow its partnership with Baidu by investing in server-to-server (S2S) integration, which gives MVF access to revenue data on the MediaGo platform for ad-level optimization, as well as the roll out of MVF’s B2B subcategories this year.