MediaGo partners with Pixalate to strengthen anti-fraud technology

MediaGo Staff | 10/10/2023

Upgrades our filter to be capable of identifying 40+ types of IVT

September, 2023 — MediaGo, a deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform under the Baidu Global Business Unit, announced a global partnership with Pixalate, the world’s leading technology cross-platform ad fraud detection and prevention, to provide advertisers high-quality traffic inventory and foster fairness and transparency in ad market transactions.

Leveraging data from Pixalate, MediaGo utilizes big data analysis and deep learning capabilities to generate traffic interception rules to mitigate suspicious advertising activity.

With its proprietary identification technology, as well as data and analytics services from Pixalate, MediaGo’s upgraded, deep learning-based invalid traffic (IVT) filter strengthens the protection of advertising inventory against fraud including botnets, malware, high-risk devices and data centers. For example, MediaGo can identify non-human website traffic from major cloud providers and small data centers.

Following MediaGo’s strategic investments for advertising quality, ad viewability rates improved by approximately 20% in Q2 2023.

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) project estimates that over $50 billion annually will be wasted on ad fraud by 2025,” said Rena Ren, head of sales and business development at Baidu Global Business Unit. “At MediaGo, we’re focused on optimizing campaigns for return on ad spend, and by leveraging Baidu’s technical innovation, we address this critical need, optimize our anti-fraud system and provide advertisers with secure reliable traffic – enhancing advertising effectiveness and ultimately achieving our mission to empower business growth with deep learning.”

Pixalate’s Q1 2023 Invalid Traffic and Ad Fraud Benchmarks Report found that global programmatic advertising IVT rates increased 20%, proving that reducing ad fraud is integral to delivering high-performing campaigns for advertisers and optimizing publisher revenue.

MediaGo’s anti-fraud system identifies abnormal clicks, invalid impressions and other suspicious activity, intercepts them in real-time and feeds them into the system’s deep learning model for training, providing real-time feedback to the bidding phase and ensuring exclusive, high-quality inventory directly from MediaGo’s various media platform collaborations. This results in genuine exposure, clicks and maximized returns for advertisers.

“Pixalate is thrilled to partner with a global company like Baidu,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “Our collaboration enhances MediaGo’s ability to combat the advanced ad fraud activity that plagues programmatic advertising.”