MediaGo Empowers Advertisers with Enhanced Smartbid Capabilities to Maximize ROI

MediaGo Staff | 10/31/2023

October, 2023 — MediaGo, a deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform under the Baidu Global Business Unit, announced it has upgraded its Smartbid capabilities, which ultimately boost conversion rates (CVR) and significantly reduce cost per action (CPA), ensuring advertisers have the minimum bid necessary to secure a display. The enhanced capabilities improves ad performance and effectiveness, saves time, and reduces costs by precisely targeting desired audiences.

Leveraging deep learning technology, MediaGo’s new Smartbid feature creates tangible value for performance advertisers by effectively managing the bidding process. The Smartbid model, built on a deep neural network with over 1 billion parameters, enables significant improvements in ad performance for advertisers at all scales.

Smartbid technology uses data and deep learning algorithms to predict the likelihood of user conversions and adjusts the baseline pay accordingly. Over 80% of MediaGo’s advertisers use automatic bidding. In a test of over 500 ad campaigns, the average conversion rate for campaigns using Smartbid increased by 25.6%. Notably, an e-commerce platform saw a 42.9% increase in ad conversion rate and an 35.3% reduction in CPA after using Smartbid for their ad campaigns.

The Smartbid capabilities can also self-learn and continuously adjust to improve ad performance based on historical delivery data and real-time feedback, optimizing the advertiser’s ROI.

One of the most tedious tasks digital marketers face is manually optimizing ad bids for marketing activities,” said Rena Ren, Americas Regional Director of Baidu Global Business Unit. “By using MediaGo’s Smartbid feature, advertisers only need to set their desired conversion costs or conversion goals, and the system will do the rest by delivering high-quality conversions – allowing advertisers to focus more on creativity and other important aspects of their strategy.”

By automating bid management, advertisers can concentrate on refining their overall advertising strategies, driving sustained growth for their brands and businesses.