MediaGo and The Media Trust expand partnership to create safe and clean advertising experiences——AI-powered analysis at scale shields both publishers and advertisers from harmful and illegitimate ads

MediaGo Staff | 01/19/2024

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12, 2024 – MediaGo, the deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform, announced it has expanded its collaboration with The Media Trust (TMT), a global leader in digital trust and safety for online advertising. This partnership will create a safer and cleaner advertising ecosystem by enhancing the quality of advertisements to protect publishers from harmful ads, prevent advertisers from competing with illegitimate inventory bids, and deliver safe consumer experiences.

TMT’s powerful, AI-enhanced digital advertising analysis engine allows MediaGo to advance the interests of its media partners by verifying the quality and legitimacy of advertiser landing pages, fostering favorable advertising experiences. By leveraging TMT’s global scanning technology to scrutinize campaign landing pages, MediaGo can effectively identify a range of consumer-harming activity including malicious software, pop-ups, fraudulent content, high-risk browser redirecting, viruses, and other threats.

This in-depth analysis of campaign landing pages also ensures a safe and clean advertising experience, protecting audiences from the growing threat of harmful ad content and illegal data tracking. As a result, MediaGo’s media partners achieve cost savings from the time and resources they would have otherwise devoted to handling malware attacks.

“We’ve invested heavily in improving the advertising landscape and consumer experiences and are pleased to deepen our partnership with TMT as an additional layer of security beyond our internal intelligent review system,” said Brian Mun, Director of Global Partnerships, Baidu Global Business Unit. “As the advertising industry rapidly evolves, consistently delivering high-quality ad content will create better advertising experiences for consumers and digital companies alike. MediaGo will continue to enhance its review processes to offer optimal ad content for both media partners and audiences.”

In addition, the partnership will also enable legitimate advertisers to successfully bid for high-quality ad placements, all while ensuring that advertisers maintain their commitment to delivering premium ad content.
“When consumer well-being is at the heart of your business, everyone wins—including vulnerable demographics like seniors and even the broader advertising industry,” said Chris Olson, CEO of The Media Trust. “We are delighted to have a partner like MediaGo that places a high emphasis on the quality and safety of advertising content.”

About MediaGo

MediaGo is an intelligent advertising platform under the umbrella of Baidu Global. Leveraging Baidu’s underlying AI technology and based on deep learning algorithms, MediaGo empowers businesses of all scales, creating tangible value for companies. With 12 operational centers worldwide, MediaGo has successfully provided localized and comprehensive business growth services to over 10,000 partners.

About The Media Trust

The Media Trust is the leading provider of digital trust and safety solutions for media, adtech, commerce media, e-commerce, and enterprise brands. Established in 2005, The Media Trust leverages a globe-spanning infrastructure of devices and emulators recreating actual consumer experiences to identify and remediate security, content, quality, privacy, and regulatory violations on websites, mobile apps, connected TV, and other mediums. More than 600 media publishers, adtech providers (SSPs, DSPs, ad exchanges), agencies, retailers, and enterprise brands rely on The Media Trust’s solutions to protect consumers from digital dangers, deliver high-quality experiences, and optimize business outcomes. To learn more, visit