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MediaGo Staff | 09/01/2020
Smaller Budget, Huge Impact: How to Win at Digital Advertising Amid COVID-19

In the words of renowned writer William Arthur Ward, “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” As the pandemic has changed countless facets of business and consumer behavior, it is crucial to adjust the sails of your business by adopting new practices.  For media buyers, the […]

MediaGo Staff | 08/24/2020
Four Tips to Jump-Start Your First Native Ad Campaign

Setting up a native ad campaign? We share four strategies to design and implement native ad campaigns for maximum clicks and brand awareness.

MediaGo Staff | 08/11/2020
Baidu’s MediaGo Ad Platform Now Offering Native Placements On MSN

Collaboration Enables Advertisers Around the World to Reach New Customers Baidu, Inc. announced that it is providing advertisers direct access to Microsoft’s MSN native desktop inventory via Baidu’s MediaGo ad platform. The agreement enables advertisers around the world to reach consumers in the United States through premium placements on multiple MSN properties. Rather than requiring […]

MediaGo Staff |
Microsoft enters MSN ad agreement with Baidu

Microsoft has penned a deal with Baidu that will enable the Chinese internet giant’s advertisers with direct access to MSN’s native desktop ad inventory. The partnership will give advertisers from around the world the opportunity to reach US consumers on MSN properties via Baidu’s MediaGo ad platform. Advertisers will be able to access native placements […]