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MediaGo Staff | 11/17/2023
MediaGo Platform Client Case Study —— Xevio

Xevio, a collective of highly experienced native advertisers in Europe, significantly reduced its cost per lead (CPL) by 20% below its target and bettered its lead quality by 30%, when compared to competing native ad channels, in two months by leveraging MediaGo, an intelligent advertising platform under the umbrella of Baidu Global. Using MediaGo’s Smartbid […]

MediaGo Staff | 11/09/2023
MediaGo Platform Client Case Study —— Aqua Vida Media

Aqua Vida Media, a performance marketing agency, achieved a remarkable 10% boost in client revenue by leveraging MediaGo, an intelligent advertising platform under the umbrella of Baidu Global. Using MediaGo’s Smartbid technology, Aqua Vida Media maximized conversions and minimized costs for lead generation campaigns in the United States across the Medicare, solar, insurance and e-commerce industries, targeting individuals who were aged of 30 or above. This effort resulted in a 33% reduction in cost per action (CPA), which has now stabilized around the target CPA.

MediaGo Staff | 08/29/2023
MediaGo Platform Client Case Study —— MediaForce

Background MediaForce is a performance-based marketing company that owns a customer acquisition ad-technology platform powered by AI and built for performance. The platform automates user acquisition on the open web by leveraging user-level predicted data. MediaForce is a group of ad-tech and product experts that help their strategic partners achieve their long term goals. The […]

MediaGo Staff | 07/25/2023
MediaGo Platform Client Case Study —— MVF

MVF’s mission is to transform the way businesses discover new customers. Founded in 2009, MVF is a leading customer generation platform that connects ambitious businesses with high volumes of ready-to-buy customers. MVF is home to some of the best-known and most-trusted digital brands in Europe, including The Eco Experts and Hear Clear, that help thousands […]

MediaGo Staff | 06/11/2021
Lead Generation Third Step: Decision

You’ve created great content, made consistent efforts in SEO, held webinars and put together white papers. You’ve chatted with your leads, fielded their questions and gotten to know them. You’re so close to the finish line. What’s the final step to get them to convert? Once you’ve reached the decision phase of the funnel, the […]

MediaGo Staff | 06/10/2021
Lead Generation Second Step: Consideration

In our last post, we discussed the very first step of lead generation: raising awareness of your brand and your products. As a reminder, the awareness stage of the marketing funnel – also known as “Top of the Funnel” or “ToFu” – consists of a multi-pronged strategy including SEO, content creation, and social media operations. […]

MediaGo Staff | 06/04/2021
Lead Generation First Step: Awareness

Lead generation is a complex topic. To properly cover lead-gen, you would need to discuss the strategies to take towards different product verticals, various ways to engage and nurture leads depending on where they are in the funnel, and even content strategy. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The bottom line is, It’s […]

MediaGo Staff | 05/05/2021
Mortgage Lead-Gen Campaigns: Content & Marketing Strategy

Mortgage is a popular vertical for native ad campaigns – and for good reason. Finding a lender is a complex decision with many factors and a significant learning curve. Native ads in the mortgage category often drive traffic to sales pages with a lot of explanatory content to help people familiarize themselves with the entire […]

MediaGo Staff | 04/29/2021
Want To Boost Your E-Commerce Traffic? Here’s How.

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed peoples’ buying habits, with more consumers shopping online than ever before. There hasn’t been such a rapid shift in consumer behavior in quite a while. Now, as more and more people are starting to receive their COVID vaccines and venture outside, we’re on the cusp of […]

MediaGo Staff | 02/27/2021
How To: Reach The Perfect Audience Through Native Ads

Advertisers have a variety of choices to make when putting together a native ad campaign. Among these choices are the title, copy, image, ad placement, budget, duration, and more. However, none of these items will help your campaign succeed if you’re not effectively engaging with your audience. To get a clear idea of the right […]